Next Duke Nukem Will Be ‘Revealed Soon’, Promises Not to Suck

After waiting for years for another Duke Nukem, fans were�ecstatic�at the announcement of Duke Nukem forever. Fansites were set up, forums were started, and the gaming community eagerly awaited the next installment in the beloved Duke Nukem series.

Unfortunately, Duke Nukem Forever was a huge disappointment. If you ask the average fan, they’ll respond with, “It totally sucked”.

Gearbox has promised to redeem the franchise — and a lot sooner than expected. They’ve already announced a new Duke Nukem game, and have actually admitted that Duke Nukem Forever wasn’t a great title.

Of course, judgement about the next Duke Nukem game should be reserved for when we actually get another game. However, it’s still nice that Gearbox is actually listening to the community about their frustrations with Duke Nukem Forever.


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