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Former 3D Realms Artist Reveals Duke Nukem Forever Game Renderings

Ok, so 3D Realms is pretty much dead. R.I.P. We can only assume that the long-rumored and partially-developed Duke Nukem Forever died with it. I’m not quite sure if anyone actually knew how far along the game was in its development. But if these renderings are any sort of clue, the game would have kicked ass. Former 3D Realms Art ...

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3D Realms Shuts Down

The end of an era. Today, the game studio behind the Duke Nukem 3D series, 3D Realms, has closed down for good. No more titles will be released, including the vaporware classic Duke Nukem Forever. The reason for the shut down is apparently due to funding for new projects and day-to-day operations at the company. At this point, it’s confirmed, ...

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5 Games That Never Saw The Light Of Day

The video game industry comes up with a lot of crap. But now and then, there comes a game which everyone holds their breathe for, anticipating its release like a child on his birthday waiting for gifts. Then the inevitable shoot down, when you realize all you’ve gotten for a whole year of being a spoiled brat is a lousy ...

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