A New Year’s Resolution you can Keep: Capture More Treasured Memories


It used to be that photographs were something to be treasured. They were painstakingly developed, sorted, and carefully placed in albums that would be brought out every so often to be admired. Now everyone has a pretty good camera on their smartphone. We snap dozens of photos at a time and post our favorites to Instagram where they’re enjoyed for the split second it takes to double tap before scrolling to the next shot.

With the development of digital technology, especially smartphone cameras, photos and videos went from something to be re-experienced to something to be instantly shared and consumed. While it’s undoubtedly fun to see live visual updates from all over the world, we’ve been missing out on the memories and permanence that photos and videos once held. Thankfully the newest digital photo technology, 3D 360-degree virtual reality, provides the best of both worlds: captured memories meant to be treasured as well as instantly shared. It’s the easy way to make 2018 your most memorable year yet.

The tech behind the memories

A 3D 360-degree virtual reality camera is basically a 3D camera equipped with top of the line 360-degree high-def virtual reality technology, including 4K resolution spherical videos. These are cameras designed to do much more than take a picture or film a video. They capture entire experiences, immersing the viewer in the most breathtaking realism outside of actually being there.

Leading 3D cameras are designed to be compact and as easy to use as any point and shoot, giving anyone the ability to save everything from the biggest days of their lives to the littlest moments that can’t be missed exactly as they happened. Since it’s a connected technology, it’s still easy to share those memories instantly on YouTube or social media. With these types of cameras, it has never been so easy to keep a resolution to capture more magic.

Resolve to say goodbye to once-in-a-lifetime experiences

A tour of Machu Picchu, a boat ride under Niagara Falls, a helicopter trip over the Grand Canyon. These are all things people are lucky to be able to do once in their entire lives, but there’s no reason any trip, tour or day has to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, no matter how grand. With a 3D camera, every detail from the roaring spray of the falls to the whisper of a breeze can be captured in pristine detail so these unbelievable experiences can be believed repeatedly as viewers are surrounded by the sights and sounds of stunning vistas and wonders of the world.

Resolve to relive the most important days of your life

Whether you’re walking down the aisle, bringing home a new baby, or opening the door to your first house for the first time, everyone has a major occasion they’re looking forward to this year, and 3D 360 VR is as close as you can come to guaranteeing that you can relive that unforgettable experience anytime you want.

With this technology you can capture the look on every wedding guest’s face as the couple has their first kiss, record every proud relative as a baby takes her first steps, and take in the crowd as a guitarist plays his first solo at an important showcase. The more important the occasion, the more likely it is to go by in a blur. Consider a 360 VR camera a safeguard against missed details and hazy memories.

Resolve to make the little moments matter

One of the major benefits of these cameras is that they’re built to capture memories as unobtrusively as possible. Instead of interrupting a fun family dinner or rowdy street hockey game to try and snap a picture that won’t be blurry on a smartphone, these compact and lightweight cameras just take it all in, ensuring those amazing everyday moments can be saved and savoured for years and decades to come. Beloved people, pets and places can all be preserved indefinitely and revisited often to reaffirm the love with which you’ve filled your life. Forget limiting clips of your daughter playing soccer to 30 seconds so it won’t eat up your storage space, or blurred photos of your great-grandma blowing out her birthday candles. Capture it all in gorgeous lifelike detail and keep it forever.

A New Year’s 4K resolution

Thanks to these innovative cameras, we can combine the best of the past – the fun of re-experiencing memories through photo and video – with the best of our current photo technology. These cameras are futuristic and a blast from the past all at once, and they are absolutely the key to keeping your resolution to capture more incredible memories from what is sure to be an outstanding year.

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