9 Best Vintage Cameras to Buy

Vintage camera

Today we are in a mood to take you down the memory lane. We are creating nostalgic moments for you today. If photography is your genre and you are a photography enthusiast, then you will surely love this blog post. As I said, it is something related to photography, I am talking about the vintage cameras today. As much as we love the digital photography where we get the prints of the photographs in just a few seconds, we cannot neglect the high-quality prints of the picture, we used to get back then. Here are ten best vintage cameras of all times which can be considered for a smart buy even today.


I started with this camera because I had some personal nostalgic moments attached with it. It has twins lens camera just like the Rolleiflex and the lens formats are 75mm and 80 mm. It looks extremely stylish and also it gives the feel of the vintage charm. Well, being identical to the Rolleiflex, this one is definitely a steal.

  1. NIKON F2

This is one of the most common vintage cameras which most of the people used to have back in those days. This camera works best with any Nikon lens because Nikon has never ever changed its personal lens mount and it is a 35mm lens camera. It was also said that it was the first SLR which was ever released.


It is one of the best cameras which you would find in your budget and the recommended price range. Texas Leica is the name given to this camera as it is quite hefty in quality and size. The negative size of this camera is more and hence you can get larger size images in good resolution.

  1. CANON A1

Canon A1 was released in 1976 and this camera was special because it was the first camera which had the fully automatic features that used to control the shutter speed and aperture. The lens mount which was used in this camera was the old FD lens.


This is one if the best vintage cameras and it came out in 1940 and it was a small entry level camera. It was inexpensive and could be easily cleaned and they used to take 120 or 620 roll film in them. Well, the photographic skills of the person must have to amazing to get better quality pictures with this because you don’t have many options to adjust the contrast and the aperture.


This camera was called the instant shooter camera. It was released initially in the year 1972 but majorly became popular in 2008 and 2010. This camera had the slim fold-down feature, the lens which could focus on nearby as well as far away objects and also ranging shutter speed. This was more of a casual camera rather than the serious one but it was one of the best vintage cameras to buy.

  1. MAMIYA M645

This camera was released by the Japanese company. This camera had the double exposure and also a mirror lockup. It was released in 1975. This camera became more famous because it had the large format shooters.

  1. PENTAX 67

The ergonomics of this camera matches up completely with it’s smaller 35 mm brethren. This camera was actually heavy in weight and it weighed around 5 pounds. The photographers generally preferred this camera for shooting street photographs, portraits, and the buildings.

  1. KIEV 88

Last but not the least, this one is definitely one of the best vintage cameras. It was also called as the HasselBladski. It was produced in Ukraine and was also an alternative to the Hassel Blads. It also has the fisheye lenses.

These were some of the best vintage cameras which you can still buy if you are camera hoarder or a lover of vintage products. There are many more cameras in such category but we have selected and tried to put the best ones.

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