New Shiro MP3 player: Music, Pictures, and Videos, oh MY!

shiro my mp3 player

Nowadays, it seems as if everyoneís music library is growing exponentially, and so those iPod Nanos with their set memory just donít cut it. Thatís where Shiro comes in with its new mp3 player, the MY. The newest mp3 player in Shiroís lineup has an edge over most mp3 players these days: it has an expandable memory card slot, with a choice between SD and MMC memory cards. ¬† The other feature not seen often is the built-in speakers on the MY, so you donít have to flaunt your MY to let everyone know that you have one. ¬† In addition to this playerís average music capabilities, you can also look at pictures and watch videos on 1.8Ē LCD display. ¬† Like the Zune, the MY has an FM tuner; however, unlike the Zune, you can record songs off the radio, which is a really cool function in itself. Not only can you record the radio, but you can also play some music and record your singing with the one-touch voice recording.

It doesnít matter if you use iTunes or WMP because the MY supports mp3, wma, and wav; transfer your music onto the flash drive with USB. As of right now, you only get the choice of 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, or 2GB flash drives, but that can translate to a total of 4GB with the expandable memory card slot. All of the features on the MY are enough to convert anyone from an iPod Nano, but not a larger-sized iPod. If only Shiro could put all of these amazing features into an mp3 player with 30GB, or even better, 80GB; oh that would be heavenly. Hey, we can dream, canít we? — Nick Rice

Shiro MY [via Gadgetell]

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