New Planet Believed to Have Been Found at Edge of Solar System

While some people may still argue otherwise, most of us have come to accept the unfortunate realization that Pluto is not a planet. But just because we’ve lost Pluto as a planet doesn’t mean that we’re down to eight. NASA scientists are working to see if a mass that was found by NASA telescopes is, in fact, the long-believed-to-exist-but-as-of-yet-unprovable planet of Tyche.

Tyche (pronounced “tie-key”) is believed to be a gas giant located some 1.35 trillion miles from the Sun, which is equivalent to 15,000 AU. In layman’s terms, it would take light from Tyche roughly three months to reach Earth. Tyche is also believed to be between three-and-four times the size of the current champion of the solar system, Jupiter, and have a surface temperature of -73C.

Even if Tyche is proven to exist, which seems to be a foregone conclusion, there’s no guarantee that it will ultimately be classified as a planet in our solar system. Many scientists believe that Tyche was not formed in our solar system, but was formed around another star and was later captured by the gravitational pull of our own Sun. According to Professor John Matese of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, the International Astronomical Union (IAU, the organization that determines what is and isn’t a planet), the organization may not include Tyche as a new planet but create a new category specifically for Tyche.

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  1. This could be pretty exciting, if they prove it to be true. Also, Mr. Walker, I hate to nitpick, but you have a typo in the second paragraph where you describe the time it takes light to travel from Tyche to Earth to be “roughly thre months”.

  2. Alf’s character on the 80’s TV show the A.L.F. said there was a planet outside of Pluto by the name going by the name of “Dave”.

  3. MY GOD…this is really gr8 one..HOPE no one will bring new theory that this is plant x [or] nibiru 😛 😀

  4. @James Kirkpatrick
    Thanks for the heads-up. Typo has been corrected.

    I would be all in favor of renaming Tyche “Dave.” Though to be fair, when I think of a planet called “Dave” I tend to think of a planet where you’re given free margaritas the moment you land.

    I would so, so love to think that this is a Planet X deal. But, as we all know, the true Planet X is Unicron.

  5. When I first saw the name Tyche I immediately thought of Tycho Brahe.

  6. These are just names that we give, they mean nothing in the grand scheme of things. Pluto was a planet and now is not. If people decided they could reclassify the word planet then they can say earth is no longer classified as a planet. It is silly and was only used as a publicity stunt.

  7. This planet is the upmost beautiful, how do we get there???lol

  8. woow… the l.c.b.o. joke ….. i’m still laughing. but really nothing is explained about the picture – with 3 unexplained spheres. the biggest is tyke the second is jupiter the third is too big for earth…etc. ….very annoying.

  9. If it is a new planet they should call it romulous. Just now we need is a starship like in avatar to get there. Haha (^^^)

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  11. GOD SAYS IN HIS WORD, “WE WILL NOT know the day nor the hour” of the end of the world….. This world always thought the world was going to end certain years based on satans lies.. The year 1000, 1995, 1998, 2000, 2005 and so on….. Let’s trust in GOD, love HIS stars HE made but not look to them for future….We will NEVER know the Whole truth…..ONLY HE knows…Praise JESUS \o/

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