Never recharge a solar-powered cell phone

solar-powered phone

The boys over in Japan at NTT DoCoMo created the newest type of mobile phone: solar powered. This new device is a flip phone in a Gameboy sp like design covered in solar panels on the outside. This could solve all those problems of having your battery die at its most crucial moment, or better yet, traveling with all those charging cables. The one drawback to this ingenious design is that not very many people walk around holding their phones to the sun; they are usually in our pockets or covered by our hands when were using them. Solar power has been around for a long time, so maybe with this cell phone, maybe other things that require power will turn to this, like cars (they are in the sun a lot more than our phones). While this is only in a prototype phase, its amazing to observe technology advancing and to see where manufacturers are going with modern electronics.

solar-powered phone

solar-powered phone

Nick Rice

Solar-powered super phone [T3]

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  1. That is the tightest cell phone I have ever seen. If those come in stock or stores, I’m going to beg my mom or dad to buy me one. But… I have a question. How powerful is the solar power panel, because what if your cell’s battery is going low and you need to charge iton a cloudy day and the sun is nowhere in site?

  2. hey where can u buy it at and how much does it cost and what if you put bling where the solar power charges? will it effect

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