NEO 808i compact mobile phone: Add it to your charm bracelet

neo 808i cellphone

When they say compact….they mean it. The 808i (as displayed after the jump as a pendant for a necklace) is the mini-me of mobiles. While its not the thinnest thing you’ve ever seen, it’s definitely a compact little thing. It’s actually a breath of fresh air to see a phone that doesn’t look like it will break from the power of air leaving your mouth as you speak. Small yet strong. That’s how we like ’em around there parts. For it’s small size it carries a nice little pile of extras including a 1.3M camera, 128 MB memory, and of course the microSD slot for all of your portable media needs.

neo 808i cellphone

neo 808i cellphone

Andrew Dobrow

NEO to launch its new compact mobile phone [AVING USA]

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