Naive: The Fake Apple Screenshot Roundup

It’s June 9th and Steve Jobs is going to give a lot of geeks a hard-on today. The big rumor spreading around the web is that a 3G iPhone will be released and while I don’t doubt this at all, many sites have been publishing fake Apple photos left and right.

Let’s take a look at some of the photos and we’ll explain why they’re fake:

TUAW, Mac Fusion

The “Buy Now” button is old as piss, the text looks like Ryan wrote it up after a bender, the Xcode icon is ancient. Oh, and where’s the URL? Show me the URL and maybe I’ll believe ya.

CrunchGear, iPhone 2 Pictures

At first glance, it looks like Hickey has a real gem on his hands. A lot of debate revolves around whether or not an additional camera will be included on the front of the phone. I personally don’t see this happening, as it’d be near impossible to keep the iPhone low-cost with those kind of features. Also, they spell the popular Microsoft operating system as “Windows Xp SP2” instead of “Windows XP”, not to mention that SP3 is out already.

USA Today, $199 iPhone

You know, this is probably the strongest rumor out there. I by all means hope that you’re all able to get an iPhone for $199, as it’d be an amazing deal for anyone to stumble upon. Only problem is, Apple can charge $299 and everyone will still buy it. Why not make another $100? That said, if the new iPhone is $199, all you early adopters are going to be super pissed when you go to sell your non-3G iPhone for $75.

And by the way, all these “leaked photos”? People own digital cameras. People also own cellphones with decent cameras. Blurry, grainy photos pretty much confirm your shit is fake.

So that’s that. We’ll see who’s right and who’s wrong come this afternoon….

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