MySpace Lost Ten Million Users. In One Month.

Remember back when MySpace was the end-all be-all of social networking? No? Well, before Facebook grew to nearly Google-like size and status, MySpace was where jaded, middle-aged men went to stalk their high school exes. But as with everything in life, times have changed for MySpace. Users have been steadily leaving the service for a while, but new numbers from the first month of 2011 are somewhat staggerinng.

You see, MySpace lost some ten million users during the first month of 2011, knocking the number of total users from 73 million to 63 million. Even worse is that their number of 63 is down from 97 million at this time last year.

Of course, of the 63 million accounts there is no doubt that many of them are no longer active. Personally, like so many others, I ditched MySpace a few years back and haven’t regretted it for a moment. Then again I went through the process of deleting my account outright while I’m sure many others simply log off and never return.

How ’bout you? Have you stuck with MySpace or are you now one of the Facebook faithful?

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