Music Jam gives karoke stars a place to turn to

music jam

For all of you mini-Chers or Madonas out there, the Music Jam Mixer iPod portable recording & karaoke studio is just what you need to impress every single one of your friends. Your karaoke friends, that is. The Music Jam Mixer utilizes the iPods XLR socket to both playback songs and record what you are singing simultaneously. It also performs the necessary task of lyric display though an included piece of software you install onto your iPod. In addition to these features, the Music Jam also allows for a bit of effects modification. For the microphone, it allows for volume, sustain, and rate; for the channel labeled guitar, you can modify the volume, sustain, rate, tone, and drive. All-in-all it’s pretty customizable for a simple karaoke studio. The Music Jam is priced at $229 and comes with everything you need to get started (sans iPod). Go ahead, belt out the high note, just don’t crack because the Music Jam will have you recorded. — Nik Gomez

Music Jam [via SlashGear]

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