Motorola MOTOROKR Transformer hack turns your E6 into a cultural masterpiece


Transformer mania has officially taken hold of the world. The Optimus Prime Case Mod should have been a clear warning of what was to come. And now, a clever Motorola modder has turned his MOTOROKR E6 into a fully functional transformer cellphone.

Whoever could have predicted that a camera phone lens could work so well as a robotic head? This bad ass mod is sure to light a fire of envy under the asses of those who have wanted to create a truly elite phone mod. Bow down and weep, bitches. More after the jump.





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  1. Awesome…I guess that isn’t much of a phone once it’s transformed but it’s still one heck of a mod…two thumbs up!

  2. thats fucking crazy

  3. I’m pretty sure he just modded a display phone (basically a empty phone shell for display purposes). As you can see from stock photos, the display picture is exactly the same:

    It’s next to impossible unless the whole phone was reengineered to fit the extra parts inside and splitting the multi-layered circuit board into multiple pieces while reconnecting the circuits that was cut.

  4. Urrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrm,
    Can i do that to my xbox?

  5. Ryo if you read the writing before the pictures you will see that it says a FULLY FUNCTIONAL phone. i think it would of taken a long time to make it would of been better if it changed it self that would be even better.


  6. Sorry Scorpion, but the main article actually stated clearly that it’s modded from a display phone.

  7. Skorpian54 if you look at the pics you will see that in the 4th pic the LCD screen is bent, this aint possible with a real LCD screen, theres noway in hell thats is a working phone! just look at the pics, theres no battery, theres no circutry in any of the pics, its a dummy phone that was hacked up, it aint even that good of a mod because it cant even be closed up to look like the actual phone without huge gaps between the pieces!

  8. Think it is a display phone, look at the screen in the pics. The edges look tatty, and doesnt look like a screen, rather cardboard.

  9. Whatever it is, it’s cool looking. Let’s settle it there. :-p Display phone or not, i’m sure someone could make this work with a working model. We’ve seen the impossible done before.

  10. doesn’t look like a robot at all, what so amazing about this?

  11. “Whoever could have predicted that a camera phone lens could work so well as a robotic head?”


  12. @MD: Nice job at capturing that reference. I was afraid it was too vague. :-p

  13. Im a Motorola Freak, Especially to ROKR phones,,, and this… this is a MUST HAVE toy… Santa, I want One For Chirstmas…!!!

  14. Hhehehe kidding me? That is toy phone made out of cardboard not real.

  15. Its a toy for sure cuz in the fourth pic he is touching the screen (which is one) but with no response..

  16. I guarantee you the phone is barely functional because the pieces would always want to move around when you try to press the buttons. Cool? Yes. Useful? No.

    What a waste of time.

    Win troll is win.

  17. can i do it with my motorokr???

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