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In a recent report by Forbes, it was reported that by the end of 2017 there will be around 270 billion apps downloaded. This certainly shows the increasing demand for apps and its performance ability. Over the years, there has been an exponential growth of mobile devices, which has also triggered the need for mobile testing strategy. However, mobile testing isn’t just about testing the mobile application, but also the device which further leads to the embedded testing of the Internet of Things (IoT). Mobile performance and security testing service providing companies are now involving in the process to offer error-free and secured usage of the apps.

Mobile users are quite picky and impatient. They can judge the application and the mobile in seconds, whether the performance would be feasible or not. So leading mobile performance and security testing services are doing their best to improve the efficiency of the mobile testing process by using the right tools. This certainly helps in bridging the shortcomings in the testing process.

The Danger of App Security:

In the age of 3G and 4G network, smartphone completes the need for access to the internet. From social media interaction to business transactions, largely smartphone users consume the internet. This has also led to the increase in app usage. Every company launches its own apps for different purposes. This is to increase the reach among the users. Though there is an increase in app development and usage, it has also given a reason for hackers to attack these apps. App security is the critical aspect which the mobile performance testing company needs to consider. A compromised app can create a huge hassle and exposes itself to negative attacks, affecting the business. Thus it becomes mandatory for the app making companies undertake comprehensive mobile application security testing.

An Overview of Mobile Performance and Security Testing:

The software testing company performs three perspectives to get desired objectives:

  1. Network Performance
  2. On-Device Performance
  3. Server Performance

CresTech one of the leading mobile performance and security testing company ensures that the device and app gets apt security. Whether your application is web, hybrid or native, CresTech employs a testing methodology aligned to uncover the threats of insecure data and hacking to apps and mobile devices.

5 Critical Activities undertaken for App Security:

The app and device security performed to avoid- Data Leakage, better Storage Capabilities, encryption and server-side controls. Below are 5 critical activities performed by testing the securities of mobile applications are:

  1. Automated security testing of mobile applications for smartphone across multiple platforms
  2. Use of cloud-based mobile testing lab enabling uploading locations
  3. Checking the performance of automated security tests to identify spyware, data privacy hacks, Trojans, etc.
  4. Assessment of automated code for IT teams to secure mobile apps even in agile- environments
  5. To check if the app is developed keeping the demands of compliance with industry and followed the basic standards and regulations

Reason to choose CresTech for the job:

  • CresTech testing team follows End-to-End performance of mobile application- On Device Performance, Network Dependency and Server Performance
  • Backed by advanced mobile performance testing lab to simulate real-world network conditions
  • Cloud-based mobile application security testing platform


If your organization is thinking to outsource the testing performance to a third-party, then CresTech is where your search ends. Right from effective tool to strategizing, every process gives a productive result. The ultimate aim is to keep the mobile and application performance high and secured.

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