3M’s ePrivacy Filter Software: Prevent Intruders From Snooping and Stealing Your Data

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Data breaches present huge costs to organizations and small businesses alike. Furthermore, they are considered the most common type of security failures at the workplace. Even we speak, studies have it that companies are attacked at an average of 16, 856 times a year (according to IBM), and most of these attacks are sufficient enough to amount to data breaches. And because of the emerging trend of a workforce that continues to embrace going mobile, the statistics representing data breaches are disturbing.

But in response to this, relevant industry experts are continuously researching and coming up with solutions to minimize or even make data breach an impossibility. One such example of a data security solution that was previously released into the market goes by the name 3M’s ePrivacy Filter Software. This program marks a unique turning point for those who are worried that intruders would steal data by snooping at their computer while they’re not aware.

About 3M’s ePrivacy Filter Software

It was manufactured and released by 3M, a leading brand in the IT industry, striving to innovate and bring practical solutions that would seal every loophole resulting into data breaches. The following are features you should expect when you acquire the new software from 3M.


(a) Facial Recognition Feature This technology has been available for quite some time now. However, no one imagined that it could be used to control access to data in devices. In fact, smartphone industry was among the first to embrace this technology.

However, 3M is adding a unique twist of this existing technology to create a software that would only allow an authorized user to operate the computer. Access is based on a user’s facial features. So it will never reveal the screen if the person staring it is not an authorized user.

(b) Pop-up Alert Even if the intruder decides to tip-toe behind a user regardless of their intent, the user is alerted with a pop-up image of the intruder’s face.

(c) Blurring Screen When an authorized user looks away from the screen, this program automatically detects that they are not active. In response, it automatically blurs the screen to protect data. However, when they resume, the screen returns back to normal in a matter of seconds, so they don’t have to experience sessions of interruption.

(d) 180-degree Visual Privacy A user has to combine this software with a physical filter (3M’s privacy filter) to activate this feature. Visual privacy is practically possible from a 180-degree view.


Just like every other great software out there, there’s a trial version for this. You can visit 3Mscreens.com/ePrivacyFilter/Trial to get your free trial. Download the software and enter your activation code (VX7J-3CVJ-AyW2-X4PQ) to start your 30-day trial.

Download a 30-day free trial of 3M™ ePrivacy Filter Software

Things to Keep in Mind

Unfortunately, it works with Windows OS only. You must also have your webcam working in the correct order to take full advantage of the application.


So whether they are creeping behind you with an intent to scare you or to steal data when you’re not aware, you don’t have to worry about ever having crucial data leaked out. That’s the beauty of this data security software.

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