40+ Extratorrents Proxy (Apr 2024) Mirror Sites To Unblock

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding ExtraTorrent and Its Popularity
  3. Best Extratorrents sites that work in 2024
  4. Precaution to visit torrent sites
  5. Torrent sites that you shouldn’t use
  6. Benefits of using Torrents
  7. Recommended VPNs for torrenting
  8. How Do Proxy Sites Work in Accessing Extratorrent?
  9. Conclusion



Torrents are widely used to share movies, games and software, but due to government bans many torrent sites including the well-known ExtraTorrent are not accessible worldwide through internet service providers Founded in 2006 in 2010, ExtraTorrent established its simple interface -Content also gained popularity, offering an attractive alternative to major torrent platforms like The Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrent etc. Despite the voluntary shutdown in 2017, the ExtraTorrent legacy lives on through proxy, clone and mirror sites, although these face blocks in many countries due to copyright concerns Compiling trusted ExtraTorrent proxies is essential , ensuring that its extensive library can be accessed easily and securely amid changes in the availability of the Internet.

Understanding ExtraTorrent and Its Popularity

Extrarrent has made an enduring mark in online file sharing, not only with its vast library of content but also with how user-friendly it is, despite facing legal hurdles and attempts to there will be surveillance that fostered vibrant shared searches. Popularity sets a benchmark for file-sharing platforms, underlining its significant impact on the torrenting scenario However, as the search for safer and more reliable alternatives following the closure of ExtraTorrent has been looking for sites with malware and phishing risk filling in proved difficult After extensive testing I opened ExtraTorrent’s top -tier options, . Prioritize strict torrent user authentication procedures. However, even with the most secure options, using a VPN like ExpressVPN is wise for stronger security and privacy when accessing torrent websites.

Best Extra Torrents Sites That Work in 2024

Here is the top list of alternative to extratorrent proxy sites Lists:

The Pirate Bay – Globally renowned torrent site boasting a vast selection of content with trustworthy torrents.

1337x – User-friendly platform offering a plethora of shows and movies, albeit with occasional fake links.

YTS – Noted for its movie torrents and simple interface, though lacking link verification.

Limetorrents – Established site hosting over 10 million torrents, despite occasional broken links.

EZTV – Frequently uploads popular TV shows, despite a controversial history of banned releases.

RARBG – Popular platform featuring a clean interface, particularly suitable for movies and TV content.

KickAss (KATcr) 

Torlock – Torrent index boasting a robust community of verified uploaders.


1337X Proxy – Extensive database catering to various media types.

Some More for your references:

Kickass Proxy

The Pirate Bay Proxy

Extratorrents Proxy

LimeTorrents Proxy

Rarbg Proxy 

LimeTorrents Proxy

Torrentz2 Proxy

EZTV Proxy

123Movies Proxy

FMovies Proxy 

SolarMovie Proxy

YesMovies Proxy

Gomovies Proxy

Movierulz Proxy

TamilMV Proxy

IsoHunt Proxy

PrimeWire Proxy

PutLocker Proxy

Soap2day Proxy

YIFY Proxy 

VIPBox Proxy

Torrent9 Proxy

Demonoid Proxy

PutLocker Proxy

ETTV Proxy

Nyaa.si Proxy

TamilRockers Proxy





Precaution to Visit Torrent Sites

Connecting proxies to platforms like Extratorrent in particular requires careful and knowledgeable use to ensure online security in a landscape fraught with potential risks To be listed first through VPNs and channels on the other, ensuring that proxies are legitimate, strong anti-virus protection, discretion in downloads, digital security -To stay on top of development and minimize the potential threats are basic strategies Despite the risks associated with torrenting, providing emergency measures such as premium VPN services and hopefully non-secure advertising management will help protect and create privacy protect yourself from malware threats.

Torrent Sites That You Shouldn’t Use

Distinguishing the difference between genuine and fake content is crucial for tracking torrent sites, and in addition to making sure to only rely on mirrors that exactly mirror the original site, to identify platforms avoidance of negative results is essential for successful absorption. Here are some examples:

Platforms With Insufficient Seeds:









Benefits of Using Torrents

For starters, torrents offer increased speed and performance thanks to the ability to download and upload multiple file segments simultaneously, resulting in faster download times and faster access to desired files

Additionally, torrents boast greater reliability because they receive the files from multiple users, reducing the chances of experiencing problems such as slow download speeds or downloads on the incompleteness

Lastly, torrents are proving to be much more cost-effective as they use other users’ resources for file sharing, eliminating the need for individual users to bear the costs associated with bandwidth and server.

Recommended VPNs for Torrenting

We strongly encourage our listeners to use VPN services to block ExtraTorrent, as well as explore our curated list of top VPNs designed for torrent needs. With ISPs frequently blocking access to torrent download sites, especially in places like the USA and Australia, VPNs are proving to be essential for successful access to ExtraTorrents proxy websites and the main platform

Also, VPNs are an important way to ensure anonymity by hiding IP addresses and identities, thus avoiding possible law enforcement tracking. Alternatively, users can choose the Tor browser or Opera with built-in VPN bypassing restrictions and accessing Extratorrents movie websites. They are doable.

Additionally, when browsing ExtraTorrents through proxy sites, users benefit from a wide range of benefits, such as access to archives, bypassing ISP blocks, enhancing privacy, avoidance of national restrictions, and longing for those who have long used.

In addition, we provide insights into top VPN providers such as Surfshark, NordVPN, and ExpressVPN, each of which offers unique features such as easy budgeting, universal compatibility, and lightning speed for a variety of applications addressing user preferences in facilitating secure torrenting experiences Despite our focus, we emphasize the importance of legal compliance, as CyberCenter does not host torrent activity does not accept or accept responsibility for illegal activities.


How Do Proxy Sites Work in Accessing Extratorrent?

Proxy sites act as an intermediary between your device and the ExtraTorrent website, rerouting your internet requests through unblocked servers to bypass regional or network restrictions, and allowing access to the site This way your IP address is well hidden, making it particularly useful locally due to censorship or legal obstacles ExtraTorrent cannot reach If you face geo-restrictions or Internet censorship that prevents ExtraTorrent.cc from being accessed, a trusted and secure proxy implementation can be flexible, ensuring privacy and security ensuring strong encryption, no-logs policy, and high-speed connections for optimal browsing experiences Prioritize proxies.

Anonymity is a huge advantage of using a proxy to access ExtraTorrent.cc, avoiding ISP or government restrictions, and protecting it from possible monitoring. Consider VPNs for enhanced security layers, and choose a proxy with minimal downtime and fast connections to enable easy torrent downloading and easy browsing.


Through ExtraTorrent and its agents, torrenting explores into the field and reveals a wide variety of content, providing unlimited access despite potential challenges to the original website. As the availability of internet information evolves, maintaining awareness and vigilance will facilitate a smooth and safe journey. These published ExtraTorrent proxy sites guarantee unblocked access to the platform, ensuring a seamless torrenting experience. If a proxy proves invalid, other 1337x options or using a VPN remain valid until the desired information becomes available.

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