Mini Universal Remote for key chain’s home entertainment


Here’s a pretty neat ultra Mini Universal Remote which comes attached to a key chain. Of course, the first thought that pops into our heads is huddling outside our neighbors window, eagerly changing their channel without them knowing the source, and then watching them try and figure it out, with us laughing in glee. Though we don’t think that was the intended purpose.

The Mini Universal Remote is small and handy for any true channel surfer, so you always have control of the remote. It measures in at 5.1cm x 3.1cm x 0.5cm, which is by far, for a reasonable $5.95, small enough to fit in your pocket (assuming you’re wearing pants). It’s automatic search mode insures that any TV (as long as it isn’t a D-list electronic brand) will be under your every whim. Just don’t misplace it in your pocket, which is easier then it sounds since it’s a mere 0.04 kg. — Andrew Dobrow

Product Page [, via 2dayBlog]

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