Mini Solar Toy Racing Cars: Hot Wheels Are Killing The Earth

Mini Solar Car Toy

When you pick up a Hot Wheels electric racing kit have you ever thought about how you are wasting the Earth’s precious natural resources? Just place this 3cm long solar alternative out in the sun or shine a strong artificial light source on the panel and the wheels will begin to turn. Each car offers minutes of fun and a valuable lesson in the benefits of solar power for only �9.95 ($19). � Sean Fallon


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  1. “minutes of fun” HA! That’s hilarious, but seriously, this is cool! This adorable little thing can actually take us places, even if it’s just our imagination!

  2. why so much money for a smalll toy car

  3. @bob Probably because it’s custom made and so uniquely constructed.

  4. ha! minutes of fun, but it is good!

  5. i love this car. how did you make it? it look cool

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