Milkscanner Does Exactly What You’re Thinking

I don’t know how Friedrich Kirschner pulled this stunt off but it’s one of the best DIYs I’ve seen in a long time. He essentially constructed a 3-D scanner out of LEGOs, a webcam and milk. Watching the above video, you can see how Friedrich places a figurine into a vat of milk. A picture is taken and a spoonful of milk is added to the vat. The process is repeated until the object is fully submerged in milk.

Once that’s done, the object can be imported into a 3-D software program like Blender for manipulation. It’s pretty amazing stuff and allows for total three-dimensional scanning. Right now, the process can only be done with Windows. Keep your eyes peeled though as a cross-platform version of the software could be heading to OS X and Linux very soon.

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