Microsoft steps forward into the online sales realm with Vista

windows vistaMicrosoft has made a very smart move with the selling of their new OS Vista. They have make the option available to buy Windows Vista online from their Windows Marketplace. Windows Marketplace is their online store that has recently been released. This is the first major OS to be released for sale online. For sale will be both the 32 and 64 bit versions of Vista Home, Business, and Ultimate editions on January 30th. Another very nice fact is that Microsoft has said that they will remember the license for any downloaded software so that you can go back and download it again just in case you lose the DVD you burn the image to. Apple should take note here and make it a true written policy for people to be able to re-download the music they download if they happen to accidentally lose the files. In addition to the online sales, Microsoft has announced the family licensing plan for families. The Vista Family Discount will give you the option to buy Ultimate at full price, and then to be able to buy up to two copies of Vista Home Premium for $50 a pop. The more options people have, the better. Microsoft seems to be realizing that their previous licensing policy of only individual licenses isn’t working. It’s nice to see Microsoft taking steps forwar. — Nik Gomez

Microsoft to sell Windows Vista as direct download [Electronista]

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