Microsoft releases Zune firmware update 1.2

microsoft zune

The new trend in mobile devices is the ability to update firmware. While firmware updates aren’t exactly a new concept, more and more companies are taking the responsibility of fixing bugs and adding features as users request them. The Microsoft Zune is one of these devices capable of updates, and the new version of its firmware was just released. Users will not notice a radical difference in usability or any added features with version 1.2, but Microsoft has said that this release helps to enhance stability of the Zune. This release does help the Zune operate much quicker; menus run faster, and the photos and videos don’t really need much of a loading time anymore. While minor, this firmware update is welcome, as are firmware updates for any gadget.

This required update will help enhance stability and performance. For devices being upgraded from Zune firmware version 1.0, this update includes the enhancements provided in Zune firmware version 1.1.


Nik Gomez

Microsoft Zune [via CrunchGear]

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