Marvel Comics Pedicure

Hey, everyone, look at me. My second toe is longer than my big toe. Oh, and my nails are painted. Marvel Comics stylee. Why not DC? Well, for one, my Stan Lee nipple pasties wouldn’t make much sense, now would they?

Fine, fine these aren’t my feet. How can you tell? Well, for one, the toes aren’t hidden by a blanket of fur (they say it only makes you grow hair on your palms. Trust me, it applies to toes too). And secondly, I’m not wearing pants. Which I guess sort of makes the furry toes make more sense. But whatever. My impending blindness isn’t the star of the show here. The chick painted each of her nails to represent a different star character from the Marvel universe.

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  1. What the hell!!!! Captain America AFTER Iron Man!!!??? Iron Man should always come after Captain America!!!! DUH!!!

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