Man Calls 911 to Complain About Broken iPhone

What do you do when your iPhone isn’t working?

Well, if you’re Michael Alan Skopec, you call 911 to complain. However, Michael didn’t just call to annoy emergency´┐Żdispatch´┐Żofficers once — he called them five times to complain about his malfunctioning iPhone.

Finally, after the fifth call, the 911 answering service got fed up. They traced the origin of Michael’s calls, and sent the local authorities to his house. They found Michael (who was “intoxicated”, as the report reads) who was still complaining about his iPhone. When he refused to comply with orders from deputies, he was arrested.

Though Michael has since been released from prison, he still has a court date where he’ll hopefully be at least fined for this idiocy.


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  1. If he doesn’t at least get a fine for wasting emergency personnel’s valuable time I will lose all faith in this planet.

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