Make your own Super Mario quilt, because plumbers always keep you warm…or something

super mario quilt

Oh, how we miss our old NES systems. As you stare into the pixels of Mario’s greatness you realize that nostalgia has a funny way of playing with your mind, but more importantly, how your mind percieves. Looking back now, Super Mario Bros. of course was a great game of its time and was clearly influential, but what the hell happened to all of those Mario disks? Have they all been disposed of? We know…we can play Mario online now through websites, but the nostalgia is what we miss.

Anyway, I digress. The Mario Quilt looks to be a stylish little throw quilt that would clearly add some geeky flavah to which ever bland piece of furniture it graces. Honestly, it doesn’t look warm at all. Sometimes comfort has to be sacrificed for comfort we suppose. But the cool part is that you can’t even buy these in stores. It’s all DIY.

The image of middle aged woman sewing is usually mildly depressing for us. Every curl in place as they thread Mario’s suspenders. But seeing one working on a Mario quilt, like from DIYnamite, is sort of alluring in a creepy housewife kinda way (as you can tell from the image she is very proud of her quilt and is even looking away from her DS long enough to smirk at the camera, at least it looks like a DS). We here aren’t much for sewing, but after seeing this, we might just have to learn how to stitch. — Andrew Dobrow

Mario Quilt Block and Mario Quilt Corners [via Kotaku]

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