Major iPhone firmware update coming soon


Although the iPhone is pretty revolutionary already, there remains some kinks in the chain and even some missing links. Sources are reporting that a very major iPhone firmware upgrade might be coming very soon.

This firmware upgrade is rumor to include a full file browser, such as the browser for Windows Mobile, except with Leopard coolness, and also the addition of iChat. Whatever it is, this upgrade is sure to be a biggy. For a full list of the rumored updates, take the jump.

  • There will be a build in file browser like the new finder in leopard for sorting through files.
  • There will be a disk mode.
  • The reason that there currently isn’t a file browser + way to save files from web is because there isn’t a file browser on the phone, and they wanted to release the same one that’s gonna be in the upcoming leopard OS, complete with coverflow.
  • There will even be a special version of “iWork” so you can show your keynote presentations.
  • So anyway a FULL file browser is coming so you can browse just like windows mobile explorer only in the cool way leopard’s file browser is.
  • Full spotlight like search is coming too.
  • Widescreen keyboard support will be coming in every app, not just safari.
  • Copy & Paste, Select Text is coming too (clipboard).
  • Also mail will see an upgrade so you can add accounts without doing so through itunes.
  • Most of the delays in this is because iTunes is the App Windows & Mac users are familar with for iTunes, so Apple didn’t want to do a bad interface that had a file browser hacked into iTunes.
  • When Leopard FINAL release comes out, plugging in the iPhone will pop open a special window in the finder that has areas for dragging all your files like a file explorer only more advanced and designed specifically for the iPhone, it will make sure that it works so iTunes knows how much space is for data, and how much is for “iTunes” stuff.
  • Apple will be putting iChat on the phone, very, very soon, before Leopard.
  • Real Applications are coming to the phone shortly.
  • These are all updates that will be software based for the iPhone you already have, so give it a little bit of time. In the meantime enjoy the features it already has.
  • Oh and also there will be Photo Sharing, just like in iPhoto how you can check an option to let other people on the network view your photos.
  • He said .Mac account would eventually sync your accounts to the .Mac server as well from the phone, and so forth.
  • Simplified File sharing when on WIFI networks through bonjour (auto ip discovery) is coming, so once the file system software is up, your buddy in the same room will be able to navigate to his file browser > Network, and grab a file off your phone that you are sharing.
  • Ringtones will be coming very, very soon.
  • The Camera Software will get upgraded soon to have stabilization (software based).
  • Flash is coming eventually, it’s just a matter of handling it in a way so when i page has dozens of flash apps running at the same time the page doesn’t slow to a crawl, so they have to take the Adobe flash and make some customizations, including for security.
  • Anyway, enjoy the great mobile phone for now, and look forward to all the great stuff coming really, really soon. I can’t WAIT for the new file browser so I can store stuff on this device!!Just remember Windows Mobile has been out or a long time, even everytime a new WM phone comes out all the apps that are supposed to work, have to be tweaked or don’t fit on the screen or some bullcrap, so realize this is just Apple’s very first OS release for mobile Phone. Apple has lots of treats instore for all of you

    Dont worry about posting this also…

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  1. Where are you getting this information.

    Its all BullSh**

    There is no apple release notes with these updates confirmed.
    Plus its been more the 3 months and these updates arnt even considered.

    Dont believe everything you read.

  2. WM being out for a while and needs tweaking, while this is Apple’s first mobile OS and you dont have to readjust for the screen size? Take a wild guess why this is so… Maybe because WM has to run on a very large variety of phones and be compatible with them, while APPLE HAS RELEASED ONLY ONE!? Maybe this is also a reason why MacOS is quicker than Windows… because it has to be compatible with maximum 3 models, that have been made BY THE SAME MANUFACTURER?

    Look, I am not defending Windows and WM is terrible, I agree. I even can tell you that I am using iPhone and quite happy about it, but please, do not confuse a system that is capable to do a lot of things on different kind of machine wth a purpose build system, otherwise MacOS will lose the score to the software, cashregister in the local supermarket is running.

  3. Yeah whats up with a real firmware notes? I keep reading this same one all over the place that was written a few months ago – and no new updates or rumors.

    iphone must upgrade:
    – file explorer to save files to
    – pic messaging
    – video cam

  4. Hah,

    Man googling for firmware upgrade, thinking this was this year I was almost hopeful then I realized that this was a load of shit.

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