MainNav MG-920 finds itself a very niche market

mg 920

The MG-920 seems to be a device that could be useful, but also seems like it could be just another device that gets big and in the way. It is a Bluetooth GPS receiver and a FM transmitter coupled into one (ugly) device. What good does this do you? Here’s what it does, you judge for yourself.

The FM transmitter can play the music by outputting devices such as
MP3, MP4 and Mobile phone. The only wire you have to connect is from the
FM Transmitter to your gear. The transmitter with high clear stereo
sound shows music perfectly. The product of conformity with navigation and
multi-media function makes you whole brand-new feeling whether in driving or
using other function of receiver.

–Nik Gomez

MG-920 bluetooth GPS receiver with FM transmitter [via NaviGadget]

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