MadCatz Wii component cable

madcatz wii component cableIt’s a sad day when we have to report that a third party is manufacturing component cables. MadCatz has started making its own component cables for the Wii, a timely response for the Nintendo shortage. Right after the Wii launch here in America, Nintendo reported that it had sold all of its component cables, a necessary accessory for a console that isn’t pumping out HD content. For quite some time there were no component cables to be found for the Wii, and games around the country were left to use the composite cables that come packages with the Wii. We’ve all seen the comparison screenshots of the component vs composite systems, composite is a joke in comparison. The MadCatz component cables are being sold for $19.99 at their online store. Maybe they are just cables, but they are the central part of a critical shortage for a console that needs all the help it can get in the graphics department. — Nik Gomez

MadCatz Wii component cable [via Kotaku]

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