Live Dealer options for US Casino Players

Live casino US players

We all know that gambling in a casino can be fun, and sometimes rewarding. A group of friends around the roulette table and cheering a win is common place is Vegas.  The craps table can be especially loud, like a party within the casino.  It is something that puts a smile on most people’s faces, even folks just walking through the casino.  Anyone that has been to Vegas, or any casino for that matter, knows what this is like.

Playing online can be just as fun though.  Especially playing online with a real live dealer.  However, US players have sometimes suffered to play online due to licensing restrictions, either in the whole country of in certain states, depending on where the casino is registered.  There are numerous casinos online these days.  But the problem is, many are registered in Europe and do not allow US registrations.  And the ones that are registered in the US are only available to states like Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey.

To conquer this in recent years, online casinos register and conduct their operations offshore.  This allows American players to gamble online legally with very few restrictions. Caribbean jurisdictions such as Curacao and Panama are commonplace for operations.  It is a great solution for players and operators alike.  They operate a great online casino, and American players can enjoy playing legally and enjoyably. This including all the latest deals from new betting sites.

Having said that, many of the legally operated online casinos for the USA players only offer slots and video table/poker games.  They do not have a Live Casino option, which is where the fun gambler likes to be.  Playing at a real roulette wheel and playing with real cards from a deck is what it is all about to most people.  It is the feeling that you are enjoying the experience with real people that makes it special too.

Fortunately, more and more US accepted online casinos are coming on board with live casino options.  However, it is recommended that you do your due diligence and find a reputable live casino for USA players before you sign up and deposit your money.  Top Dog Casinos is a site that only lists securely licensed and reputable casinos.

Overall, there is no doubt that playing online casino games with a Live Dealer is the closest you can come to real life casino play.  It is fun, you can interact with the dealer, and you can play in the comfort of your own home.

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