Leak now while there’s still time

Although those Jimmy Wales personal appeal banners have disappeared from the top of Wikipedia pages in the last day or two, it’s not too late to respond to another beleaguered Wikiman’s cry for help. Tim Maly, Quiet Babylon blogger and cyborg provocateur, has crafted an ask for Wikileaks in the same style as the Wales appeals. Only our favorite silver-maned information liberter(ror)ian isn’t asking for money—he wants your information.

Wikileaks, he reminds us, is “written by unsuspecting volunteers failing to secure one confidential document at a time.” With just a few thousand leaks, he pleads, you could help ensure the survival of the “5th most terrifying web site in the world.”

Go read the whole appeal. It’s a witty take on the Wiki of the moment. And it prompts speculative fancies about other campaigns Wikileaks could ape. Like Old Spice: “Look at your wiki. Now look at me. Now back to your wiki; now back to me.” With the Wikileaks founder all but transparent in a towel, standing in a leaky shower! It won’t be long before no one has any secrets—no one except Julian Assange, that is.

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