Kinect Hardware Fitted for Grocery Store Use

Microsoft’s Kinect is a wonderful piece of hardware that has given birth to an entire community of hackers who want nothing more than to see just what they can do with the machine. A new system by Innovative Retail Labs has taken the Kinect sensor and, with some customized software, developed a system that could save a lot of people a lot of trouble at the grocery store.

So, what does it do? The concept is simple: You point at the item that you want to purchase from the store. The Kinect sensor reads your gestures and, using the software, informs the person behind the counter what it is that you want.

Below is a video demonstrating how the technology would work:

Of course this tech wouldn’t replace the grocery store shopping experience entirely. But you have to admit, for delis inside the store, this would be an incredible time saver.


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