Kenwood speakers go wireless

kenwood digital wireless speakers

Everything now is going wireless, so maybe the creators are finally starting to realize no one likes wires all over their desk. The music is broadcast from the dock to the speakers via 2.4 GHz frequency, which basically means if you have a 2.4 GHz phone in proximity to these speakers, you�ll get sporadic noises when you�re talking on the phone; it sucks. The thermos, I mean speakers, provide 360 degree sound while using a performance class D amp for supreme sound. For all you guys who like LEDs, the bottom of the speakers are lined with them, so you can see the speakers in the dark…right. Luckily enough there is a remote so you don�t have to get up and change the song when you�re buds are over and it starts playing Britney Spears. As of now there is no word on pricing, but if you like Thermos in your house, in view of the public, then you should probably get these. Trust me on the 2.4GHz thing, I know from experience. — Nick Rice

Kenwood Digital Wireless Speaker System [Newlaunches]

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