Jello Made from Human Genes — What Will Vegans Do?

Well, the debate over if jello can really be eaten by vegans just got a lot more complicated. Researchers in Beijing at the College of Life Sciences and Technology have figured out a way to create gelatin — except that this jello is made out of humans.

The scientists have taken human gelatin genes, and combined them with a special type of yeast. This grows a type of jello that is, essentially, derived from human genes. On the plus side, creating (and eating) this human derived jello does mean that you won’t be at risk for developing mad cow disease.

So, if this “human jello” catches on, what will vegans do? Will human jello be off-limits?

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  1. Hi Gearfuse-

    I’ve been an avid fan for years and sat patiently while the whole thing with Battles was going on. I see that Carolyn has been writing posts lately- which are great btw. I miss Gearfuse. I’m happy to help pitch in if you’re looking for some extra help! The world of Tech and Science waits for no one! Good luck and all the best

  2. Being a vegetarian myself, I don’t eat gelatin. So it’s not like the option of it being made out of people (soylent green!) is going to make much of a difference. No big debate. If your veg, don’t eat it, if you’re not, do. Bam.

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