JBL Reference Series Bluetooth headphones, pure amazement

jbl r610 bluetooth headphones

These are beautiful. That isn’t the only complement you will read about these amazing headphones, so get ready. First, the looks. They are designed so well and they seem to attract eyeballs no matter what. The curves all over the place seem like they might be too much, but in the end it all just fits. These are the Reference Series of headphones from JBL and they range in prices from $79.95 to $299.95. So maybe these aren’t the headphones you wear on the subway or at school, but they definitely are the ones that you wear while sitting on your couch or at home. The wireless R610 Bluetooth model is amazing (and pictured above).

Wireless headphones are the way to go if you are in the market for headphones. Whether high or low end, wireless defeats the problem of getting your headphones ripped off your head as someone walks past you and gets tangled up. Back to the R610s. They have integrated controls on the earpiece to adjust volume, select tracks, and play/pause whatever you happen to be listening to at the time. They also come with rechargeable batteries and a universal battery charger, no need to worry about buying new batteries that will just run out in a few weeks. While the R610s might not be able to fold up and become super compact as other products in the Reference series can, they are the only headphones with Bluetooth built in, they are the ones you really want.

jbl r610 bluetooth

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JBL Refernce 610 Bluetooth Headphones [SlashGear]

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