izenMobile KSMT and KRMA simplifies digital life

izenmobile ksmt

You might of already of heard about this phone, but known under a different name, the Glofiish M700. CoolSmartPhone is reporting that this might be the very first authentic picture of the KSMT to be seen on the internet. izenMobile says that the KSMT and KRMA are made to serve the small and medium businessman and woman to “make digital life easier”. We hate to break it to them, but he digital life HAS been a relatively easy place for years. Being productive and ambitious is one thing. Spewing inaccurate facts to plug your product is an entirely other story. But hey, if izenMobile has found a way to make it even easier, we’d love to see it. Features include a slide-out QWERTY keyboard and both devices include a Samsung 400MHz CPU, 128 MB Flash ROM, 64 MB SDRAM, and GPS. Including bluetooth and a 2 megapixel camera is just a perk we suppose.

One feature that is pretty cool, despite our skepticism of an easier digital life, is that izenMobile offers 25 GB of free online storage for pretty much and type of file or media you want, plus the addition of the Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 software for free. The added freebies are definitely an incentive. Come on, baby, make my digital life a breeze.

izenmobile ksmt

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izenMobile Homepage [via CoolSmartPhone]

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