It’s okay to be irresponsible when your air-conditioner is smart

sanyo ex series

For those that live in places where the climate does not allow you to live without an air-conditioner, you will understand how annoying it is to clean the filters inside. We all aim to clean it at least once a year, but sometimes it is up till the point when we can’t stand the smell any more do we take turns to do the cleaning. Sanyo’s new Seasonal Color air-conditioner EX series have a few gadgets in their to save your trouble. There is UV that kills the germs, there’s Ozone that reacts with whatever that gives out smell, there’s also a CO2 and air quality sensor in there that once activated can suck out the air indoors and replace it with filtered clean ait from the outside. With that, we probably would have never needed to wash our air-conditioners for the rest of our lives. These machines will come out in March, selling at $2.3K in Japan. — Sam Chan

Sanyo EX series [Sanyo Japan]

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