It’s Motorcycle Season! Here’s How to Keep Your Passenger Safe

After months of shoddy weather and inclement rain, warm summer days are here to stay. Any motorcycle owner knows there’s nothing better than feeling the rush of freedom as you speed down the highway on your motorcycle. Now that it’s the perfect time to ride your motorcycle, however, you need to ascertain that your passengers stay safe.


Many people won’t pass up the opportunity to ride on a motorcycle, even if they’re only a passenger coming along for the cruise. Unfortunately, you might not know whether this is your passenger’s fiftieth time or very first time on the back of a motorcycle unless they let you know. More often than not, an inexperienced rider won’t disclose it’s their first time. Before the two of your ride off into the sunset, you need to ensure that you follow the proper safety precautions; otherwise, you could have a lawsuit on your hands, or worse.

When you’re ready to start treating your friends and family to a fast motorcycle ride, here are some of the top tips you should follow to keep them safe.

Make them wear protective gear

It might be tempting to jump on the back of a motorcycle at the beach, but you need to wear certain clothing and accessories to get on a motorcycle. Even a minor accident has the possibility of causing serious damage. That’s why you should always ensure your passengers are equipped with the proper HJC helmets, jackets, and footwear for the ride.

Without these important safety precautions, any number of things can happen on the road. But the helmet does much more than just prevent damage during the event of a crash; helmets also block the wind from hitting your face and deafening your ears. Nowadays, helmets can even be linked between passenger and driver for ease of communication. If the rider gets nervous, it’s easier than ever to ask your driver to slow down or stop so you can get off.

It’s essential to invest in the proper safety equipment and apparel before you let another person ride. While they don’t have to take off their necklaces and bracelets before getting on, if you like to give out rides on-the-go, be sure to keep an extra helmet and jacket with you at all times. That way, they can look good and stay safe on the road. 

Take a safety course

Most states won’t let you give a passenger a ride without a license, but a growing number demand that you take the proper safety courses. Some options are even available online, like the Motorcycle Safety Course. An option like this can also give you vital information about your state’s specific motorcycle laws to ensure that you’re not breaking any rules.

Regardless, taking a safety course is always better than hitting the road blind. Look for options in your area to make smarter, safer decisions in the future. 

Go slow

While an experienced rider will always want to show off to their passengers, the truly wise motorcycle rider will know to take it slow. Even moderate speeds on your favorite Harley will seem fast to a novice rider. If you lose control because of the other rider’s weight, it will be easier to regain your composure when you’re going at a lower speed. For example, many backseat riders will clutch onto the driver or lean into the turns since that’s what they have seen in the movies. This might cause you to lose your balance or worse.

When you’re ready to ride this summer, be sure to follow these simple safety tips for a smooth ride. 

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