Is Hollywood Damaging Online Casinos? Branded Slots vs Regular Slot Machines

Nowadays, slot machine games are graphically perfected and there are numerous themed slots crafted to cater to different people. Some of these slots are based on popular TV-shows such as South Park or Game of Thrones, whilst some are based on famous bands or even on general topics like vampires or ancient Egypt, most popular among UK casino players. What they all have in common is a uniquely crafted gaming experience created from a mix of sound and graphics. Some even go further by providing rocking motion of the slot chair. 

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Branded Slot Games

Lately, the TV-shows industry has taken over the movie industry and each month, new and great TV-shows in all genres emerge. The same popularity has transferred to slots with themed TV-shows slots becoming highly popular. The themed slots provide free marketing and new clientele to the slots which are why more and more software operators venture into cooperation with the shows for mutual benefit.  But what these games also have is a short life-span since they boom at the start but people quickly lose interest. 

If you see a themed slot, be sure that the TV-show in question needed to sell the rights to put their name on the slot. Some estimated costs of developing a new slot into the market are approximately $1 million for the themed online slots which is why these machines usually provide fewer winnings than others because the casinos need to earn their money back. And hence, the players lose interest in the game because apart from the gaming experience and the name, which gets old soon, they are not getting any value back. 

What this means is that unbranded games usually mean more time spent on the machine. 

Generic Games

Generic or unbranded games are those that feature aliens, vampires, and similar unbranded material. These outlast the branded games because they provide better odds of success. 

Additionally, people get tired of the unique brand and tend to shift to generic over time. 

Both generic and branded slots have their ups and downs. Branded games provide high revenues but have lover life-spans whilst generic slots outlast them on the long-run but are not phenomena that may attract new players to the casino. 

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