iRig Keys MINI Review


If there is a traveler inside you waiting to unleash his musical talents, iRig Keys MINI should be your definite choice. This ultra-portable 25-key MIDI controller helps you create music with your iPhone, iPad, Android phones and MAC/PC. This IK Multimedia product is exceptionally good for the people who are always on the road. This MIDI controller is perfect for the person who does not want to wait for his musical genius to stay dependent on time or place.

Best part about IK Multimedia is that it is small enough to be carried in a laptop bag or a small backpack. It can be easily connected to –

  • iOS device via the included Lightning connector
  • Android device via the included OTG to Micro-USB cable
  • Mac/PC via the included USB cable

There is absolutely no need of installing any software, driver or applications to run this. Simple plug-and-play is required because of its MIDI and USB compliance.


  1. Low Power Consumption

It consumes exceptionally low power. It runs on the energy from the device it is connected to. It has been designed to consume minimal power to keep both the devices working for long hours.

  1. Lightweight

This compact 25 key universal mini keyboard controller has a light weight and a condensed structure to be easily carried wherever one wants to. It is fully featured and functional beyond expectations.

  1. Volume Knob

It comes with a volume/data knob to easily control the volume. This reduces the effort to control it on the device which is connected to the controller.

  1. Free Software

This controller comes with a SampleTank FREE iOS and iGrand Piano FREE apps, free Mac/PC virtual instrument collections, and free Mac/PC software: SampleTank 3 SE.

This is ideal for people who love to put their musical ideas into application whenever they arrive. Why should your musical creativity wait when anything else does not? iRig Keys MINI gives you a full 2 octaves (plus 1 note), making the perfect balance between portability and playability.  The most essential controls like velocity sensitivity, a volume knob and Octave Up/Down buttons that also allow you to edit the basic MIDI functionality of the controller.

IK Multimedia has used the best quality material in fabricating this controller for long-lastingness. This MIDI controller is revolutionizing the way people create music on the go.

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