iPod Vending Machines collect iProfit galore

ipod vending machine

What is the world coming to? iPod vending machines?! Yeah..sure it’s ridiculously cool to be living in a world where you can grab an iPod from a vending machine, but who in their right mind would invest $400 in a machine that most of us are afraid to put $2 in to get a back of chips or cookies? Another question. How long until a curious hacker discovers how to trick the vending machine? Surely not long. We are not surprised in the least that iPods are now being sold through automated vending merchants, but is this idea really going to take off? Or are we just bearing witness to a marketing strategy that strikes while the iron is hot? — Andrew Dobrow

iPod vending machines rake in the moolah [Newlaunches]

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  1. But obviously the vending machine uses credit card, it’s a lot safer, so anyway it’s not that pathetic. Plus if someone actually discovers how to trick it, well..its the store loss. Who cares?

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