iPod Competitor: the Insignia NS-DA1G Sport MP3 Player

insignia ns-da1g mp3 player

For those of you who don�t want to dish out fat wads of cash for the newest iPod, here is an alternative for a good price. The Insignia NS-DA1G Sport MP3 Player is a 1GB player with MP3, WMA, and JPEG support, and that includes support from Napster and Rhapsody music subscriptions as well. Included software allows for quick transferring of songs through USB and easy CD ripping. A major plus for this product is that it, unlike the Microsoft Zune, is compatible on both Macs and PCs. Its lack of a decent-sized screen to look at your pictures with is made up by a built-in FM tuner and a solid 18 hour battery life. The best part about the FM tuner is that it has 20 presets, so you can quickly switch from country to something better when your friend asks to listen. The Insignia NS-DA1G Sport MP3 Player comes with a rubberized case to protect your player from those notorious fingerprints and scratches everyone gets on iPods. For $79.99, this is a great mp3 player for the music lover with his/her budget in mind. Insignia could have made a few improvements, such as a strap (Wii-mote anyone?) and a bigger screen, but overall this is a nice little MP3 player. — Nick Rice

Insignia Sport 1GB MP3 Player  [via TechEBlog]

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  1. It’s not that this product (or any other MP3 Player) will be in any serious competition with Apple, it’s more like a SMART consumer has options that are as good (or better) than an iPod… iPod is like AOL… it is a product for the masses… for people who don’t know any better!

  2. I bought one of these – and it is extremely easy to use and the sound quality is darn good. The software installed perfectly and I was able to rip CD’s in minutes. I haven’t downloaded anything from the internet, but it looks like that will be just as easy. I didn’t have much of a problem with the buttons, but I can see how if you were excersising it might be a problem.

    For someone who just wants to listen to music and doesn’t want to break the bank, this is a good deal. The radio is a nice feature.

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