iPod Case for the kiddies

tadpole ipod case

Durable, colorful, trainable, and equipped with two handles. If you thought we were describing your mother, you can put your fists down, no need to have them flying today. Those words describe the Tadpole iPod case designed for toddlers. With a heavy duty plastic screen over the entire iPod controls, you would think that the click wheel would be left useless. The Tadpole has figured a way to allow for ultimate protection, with child-like interface options. The genius of the Tadpole is its ability to hide everything on the device except for the controls needed to operate the machine, taking the childs focus off the little things and allowing your toddler to prepare its self for the iGeneration. By the way, please don’t buy your two year old an iPod. — Andrew Dobrow

Tadpole Kids iPod Case From iFrogz [via Core77 Design]

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