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Handmade Star Trek Starfleet Toddler Uniform

Insanely awesome Craftster user Rinnial handmade this insanely awesome Starfleet uniform (circa 2366-2372 class A uniform) for her toddler daughter to wear this Halloween. My kid would be wearing this all year round, whether they liked it or not. I’m the parent, I know best, now shut up and let the Tribble out for a walk before it shits all ...

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Wall socket cabinet not a good teaching tool for toddlers

This cabinet is definitely the wrong thing to buy if you have small children. Why? Because it will teach them that by sticking their arms into sockets, they can find something hidden inside. Not the greatest thing to be teaching toddlers. Now if you don’t have small ones, this is a pretty cool type of gag furniture. The idea remains ...

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iPod Case for the kiddies

Durable, colorful, trainable, and equipped with two handles. If you thought we were describing your mother, you can put your fists down, no need to have them flying today. Those words describe the Tadpole iPod case designed for toddlers. With a heavy duty plastic screen over the entire iPod controls, you would think that the click wheel would be left ...

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