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The Iphone6 is all set to be unveiled within the next few months. One of the most eagerly awaited smartphones of this year, the Apple Iphone6 launch date is still shrouded in secrecy, which has always been the way they do stuff at the Cupertino based Tech giant.

Possible Iphone6 feature predictions are:

  • A Fall release – September 2014: Popular Apple info site ‘Macrumors’ known for its relatively accurate apple predictions, claims a September 2014 3rd Friday date for the iPhone6 launch, consistent with past Iphone schedules.
  • Larger display in two screen sizes: Its been 9 months since Iphone 5s and 5c. Thats a lot of time in the smartphone segment. Since then the segment for larger screen phones and phablets has radically expanded. Apple seems to have factored in this demand and all inside sources unanimously claim the move towards larger screens – more specifically a 4.7 inch Iphone set to be unveiled earlier this fall and a 5.5 inch larger Iphone to be shipped later in the year.
  • Sapphire glass display + Liquid metal bezel: Never used till date due to the expense involved, Apple’s recent dealings with GT advanced tech and moves at the US patents department suggest that they have considered a shift to sapphire displays which are said to be nearly indestructible and bullet proof. The bezel of Iphone6 is also reportedly going to be much thinner and rounder.
  • Better camera: There is almost certainly going to be an upgrade to the 8 MP camera seen in existing models. A 10 MP cam with a f/.8 aperture unit seems likely. Also Optical image stabilisation may be in the works!
  • Higher resolution: Larger screens notwithstanding, the resolution may also be bumped up substantially to 1704 x 506, which would bring the pixel density count to 416 for the 4.7 inch model of Iphone6.
  • Faster A8 chip: Apple typically incorporates a new chip every year in its iPhones, which provide significant performance and graphics upgrades. This year should be no different. A8 is also rumoured to much more energy efficient and battery saving than its predecessor.
  • iOS 8: Announced at WWDC 2014, iOS 8 debuts along with iPhone6 with hundreds of improvements and tighter integration with OS X.
  • NFC chip and Wireless charging: Apple has always shunned NFC in its phones. Just as it seemed like the end of the road for NFC, rumours now claim that there is going to be a NFC chip of some sort in Iphone6. Wireless charging is another feature that may debut in Iphone6, given that rivals Samsung and Nokia have introduced this feature more than an year before them.
  • Larger storage space: A 128 GB variant of Iphone6 may see the light of the day! They may also see it fit to discontinue the 16 GB edition, which might be slightly premature to do so this year.
  • Same price as last year: Past Apple pricing strategies indicate that the price of Iphone6 may not differ significantly from last year, although the 128 GB model and the 5.5 inch Iphone6 will certainly have a higher new price point.

Other possible changes on the new Iphone6 may include New Earpods with capability to measure Heart rate, Blood pressure and have iBeacons on them and an unlikely microSD slot. Don’t hold your breath for that though!

More details and updates about upcoming Iphone6 launch can be found at MacRumors.

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