iPhone 4 Cases That Actually Look Like Real Food

Strapya has done it again. And by it, I of course mean they designed a phone accessory that looks almost exactly like real food (I’m pretty sure if you look up “it” in the dictionary, that’s the proper definition). Not a crafted felt case, but a goodness to honest realistic food case.

Available in eggs with bacon, bento, tonkatsu and yakisoba varities (don’t feel bad, I don’t know what the last two are either), these iPhone 4 cases would almost be too easily confused with your real meal. While I don’t think you’d necessarily have a 100% certainty of death if you ate your iPhone, I surely wouldn’t recommend it, no matter how tasty it might be. Grab your own case for around $43.

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  1. Yakisoba is buckwheat noodles. That’s what you usually get when you opt for noodles instead of rice at you favorite hibachi restaurant.
    Tonkatsu… not sure. I know katsu is pork, but I don’t know what that dish is…

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