iPhone 2 probably already designed and prepped for release


There has been so much damn buzz about the iPhone, that it already seems to be kinda out-dated, am I right? According to reports, Apple is auditioning manufacturers for the second-gen iPhone, even though the original is still weeks away from release.

According to sources, the reports state that the nex-gen iPhone will have different outer designs to fit different markets. We’re taking that as a hint. Maybe a pink iPhone for the ladies? A sliding iPhone for the geeks? A glue-able appendage iPhone for Karl Rove? — Andrew Dobrow


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  1. The iPhone is not out dated, and i really doubt they will come out with a new one, and if they do it wouldn’t look any different, it will probably just have gps. The current iPhone keeps getting new firmware, it has just about everything that you can have in a revolutionary phone, from triangular location and full on safari.

  2. The official release date of iPhone 2.0 is scheduled for March 21, 2008, which is late Spring. I need to check up with my top Apple executives if this date is our absolute projected release date of iPhone 2.0.

  3. Den y would apple release a 16gb iphone wen the 2nd 1 is comin out in late spring??

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