Understanding the Investing Strategy of Bandhan Mutual Fund AMC

Have you ever wondered how to reach your financial goals and expand your savings? If so, Bandhan AMC, a comparatively new titan in the investing industry, could have the brine you’ve been seeking.

Since its founding in 2000 (when it was still known as IDFC AMC before changing its name to Bandhan Mutual Fund AMC in 2023), the organisation has risen swiftly through the ranks, amassing over a million investor accounts and managing an incredible ₹1.28 lakh crore as of 30th April 2024.

Let’s examine the principles that underpin Bandhan Mutual Fund AMCs’successful investing strategies. The purpose is to provide you with a wide selection of mutual fund schemes that suit different risk tolerances and financial objectives.

The Investment philosophy of Bandhan Mutual Fund AMC

Although Bandhan AMC cannot guarantee success, its painstakingly constructed investing methods are intended to optimise your returns. Their methodology is based on a solid basis and includes everything from a thorough examination of individual businesses to the prioritisation of safe debt portfolios.

The goal of Bandhan Mutual Funds AMC is to provide you with a clear financial plan, not hazy success guarantees. Let’s now analyse their fundamental beliefs and the particular tactics that define their methodology:

Putting quality first, Bandhan AMC emphasises quality across all asset classes. When it comes to stocks, they take a bottom-up strategy, carefully examining each company’s prospects before investing. Additionally, to create safe portfolios, they provide strong credit quality priority for the debt instruments.

Risk Management and Return Maximisation

Regarding risk management, Bandhan AMC is aware of the market’s inherent risks. By diversifying its holdings across different market capitalizations and industries, Bandhan AMC actively manages these risks.

The concept of Bandhan AMC emphasises a long-term investing horizon, which is part of their Long-Term Perspective. By doing this, they earn larger returns in addition to being able to weather market swings.

Target Sectors and Asset Classes

Although Bandhan AMC’s Target Asset Classes don’t publicly reveal all of their precise goals, their strategy often focuses on:

  • Equity asset classes: include small-cap, mid-cap, and large-cap businesses across a range of industries.
  • Debt asset classes: include money market instruments, corporate bonds, and government bonds.
  • Thematic Funds: include industries with strong development prospects, such as innovation, technology, and sustainability.

The AMC funds accommodate different risk profiles, and some of the equity schemes have historically produced substantial returns.


Combining a variety of investment strategies across asset classes with a well-defined investing philosophy that prioritises quality, risk management, and long-term outlook makes Bandhan Mutual Fund AMCs’ an appealing option. Even as past performance doesn’t guarantee future outcomes, being aware of Bandhan’s AMC approach can be useful for you as you embark on your investing path.

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