Internet Safety Remote Control can save your child’s virgin eyes


It’s scary what the Internet can do to someone that isn’t prepared to handle its greatness. Children, for example, don’t have the capacity to know when they’ve just been on the damn thing too long. Their eyes could be bleeding and their finger could be blistered from typing, yet they would continue on to the Nickelodeon site, regardless. If you’re worried that your kid spends too much time on the Internet, there is a very unsubtle go about getting them off.

This Internet Connection Remote Control controls the connection on your home PC much like one of those contraptions that lock your car or set its alarm remotely, except without the cool “beep, beep”. Pressing off cuts the connection, essentially cock-blocking their way to Internet goodness. Just don’t tell our girls about this. We don’t want them getting any ideas. Available for $39.95. — Andrew Dobrow

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