Interior Design Trends in Australia 2024

We went on an adventure-filled year in 2023, letting new design ideas and concepts fill our thoughts and bringing back old favourites. From the energising dopamine design to the return of warm, velvety colours from the 1970s and, of course, Barbiecore’s love of pink nostalgia, it’s clear that we’re moving into a time when colour defines places, and this year will be no different for interior design trends in Australia.

Country Club Style

Take a trip with us back to the 1960s and learn about life under the sea as we talk about the top design trends we think will happen in 2024.

Over the past year, fashion trends like “grandpa-core” and “quiet luxury,” which represent an old-money, classy way of life, have slowly gained popularity. This style includes tailored pants, loafers, crisp white linens, cabana stripes, and cable knit sweaters that remind us of long-lasting fashion stars like Ralph Lauren and Princess Diana.

This is similar to the English country club style, which adds horse- and stable-themed touches to the decor with things like riding boots, horseshoes, horse figures or bookends, and worn-in mahogany leather. This sophisticated style can easily fit into a wide range of design styles to suit lifestyles around the world, such as Hampton’s and farmhouse styles.

On the other hand, the new Western gothic style shows how appealing horse beauty is. This trend takes its cues from Western America and adds a darker, gothic twist to classic items like cacti, fringed details, metal lone-star badges, and decorated cowboy boots.

Swap out bright whites and country club plaid for faded charcoal linens, worn-out black leather, and black cane furniture set against exposed wooden beams and cowboy gear for a Western gothic look.

Both sides of the horse-inspired style will be big in 2024, no matter which you like better.

Retro Kitchen Styles

The ’60s will be back in style for kitchens in 2024, especially with bright, retro-inspired designs. This comes after the rise of dopamine design and the return of ’70s style in 2023. Kitchens are meant to stimulate all of your senses, so they are fun, strange, and a little scary.

For this style, think about appliances that are different colours, a backsplash made of mosaic tiles in different colours, and a mix of new and used items in different colours to make an eclectic scheme. Retro “kitchens” are all about finding one-of-a-kind pieces that work together in some way. For example, bright egg holders, hand-painted vintage bowls, or open shelves with a mix of coloured glasses.

This bright style comes from wanting to design in a more environmentally friendly way. Emphasising used things or reusing old materials as much as possible is a big part of this trend.

In 2023, the popularity of styles like “cottagecore” and “bloomcore” made it clear that people wanted to live a slower life. People still want to live in the country, but the style is moving away from slow country living and towards the more relaxed way of life of enjoying the atmosphere of a cafe in the comfort of your own home.

Even though it’s not a new trend, cafécore has been slowly picking up speed over the years and is about to become the big thing in 2024. This may be in part because people still want to enjoy good coffee even though the cost of living is going up.

To follow this style in your home, set aside a spot for your coffee machine, replace built-in cabinets with open shelves, put baked goods on the kitchen island, and add bar-style sitting next to a window or a metal café-style table and chairs outside.

Colourful Minimalism

Lastly, finish off the look by giving the faucets and sinks a shiny nickel or chrome finish to make the commercial-style look even better.

The age of beige minimalism seems to be ending after being the most popular style for many years, though it may never go away completely. In 2024, though, adding small amounts of colour is no longer acceptable. Instead, there will be a huge focus on pastels, especially “Peach Fuzz,” Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2024, which is a soft, silky peach tone.

Don’t be fooled, though, even though it’s called a minimalist style. This style can be soft or strong, but the important thing is to stick to a single colour scheme in a room. For example, use different shades of the same colour on the walls, countertops, tiles, sinks, chairs, and faucets.


Textural designs really took off in 2023, especially with walls that were rendered and details that were fluted. In 2024, we think this trend will spread to gear and software that people use every day. This change is shown by our Namika Reeded Collection, which includes our famous tapware and accessories that now have tactile elements with undulating grooves that capture the rhythmic movement of waves in Australia, which is where ABI Interiors got its start.

Also, velvet, corduroy, and suede are likely to replace boucle as the fabric of choice in 2024. Textured walls and roofs are also likely to become more popular.

At the Sorrento House by Host Architects, ABI Interiors did work on the Deep-Sea Coastal project through Framework Studio.

Deep Ocean Coastal

In 2024, a new subgenre of coastal interiors is likely to appear. This one will be about the amazing things that live below the ocean’s surface. Deep-sea coastal style leans towards a darker, scarier world. It uses moody oceanic colours, shiny opal surfaces, and organic shapes that look like the way water moves.

This style is mostly about making a cosy atmosphere that captures the depth and richness of the ocean, rather than focusing on the lighter and airier aspects. We think there will be more dark blue finishes, salvaged and bare wood, layered textures, and light fixtures that hang from the ceiling like bubbles floating to the surface. We also think that blues of all shades will be very popular in bathrooms in 2024.

Flooring as the Focal Point

In the past, floors haven’t been very important in room design. They were usually hidden by furniture or rugs. But get ready for a comeback in 2024 when flooring takes back the stage. It doesn’t matter if the flooring is checkerboard, herringbone, marble, mosaic; bright, unique designs made of a mix of materials will definitely be popular in 2019.

If you want to add colour to your space but don’t like the look of old kitchens or think it would be too hard to change the flooring, coloured grout is a great way to get started. It will definitely be a big trend in kitchens in 2024. Pick a colour you like for the grout between your tiles or backsplash, and you’ll see how a simple tile design can become a unique focal point.

European Design

The popularity of European-style architecture and design combines the richness of designs from a hundred years ago with the modern feel of buildings built in the twenty-first century. We think there will be more of classic elements like tapestries, old vases, Italian marble, and polished chrome or nickel faucets. There will also be more Greek architecture, like the return of columns and the continued popularity of textured wall detailing and curvature, which was recently shown off in Thessy Batsinilas home in Greece.

Living Space     

Open-play layouts have been popular in residential design for the past 50 years. However, there has been a clear shift towards building more defined areas in recent years, and we think that 2024 will be the year of its true revival.

Dedicated living spaces focus on layouts that meet the specific needs and preferences of residents while improving flow and usefulness. This will be shown by the return of formal dining rooms, home offices, and mudroom entrances.

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