A safety helmet for Texans


Howdy, cow-folk. We reckon even the hardest of cowboys require some sort of head protection for those there sand storms and tornadoes. Well, hell, at least y’all can do it without lookin’ like a darn tootin’ yankee.

This American western style hard hat will make anyone believe that you’re the Marlboro Man in the flesh. Back from the dead! Oooohh, scaryness! The good thing about a cowboy hard hat, is that south-westerners who work in construction won’t have to worry about their style just to sacrifice their skull. Available for $16.98. Discounts apply if you buy them in bulk. Yee haw. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. So WHERE can we buy them????

    And do they also send it to Holland … (EU)

  2. The helmets look so plastic! On your head they look like a child’s dress up toy!

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