Inspired Joomla Templates for Your New Business Website


Having a professional looking website is essential for any business. Joomla is an excellent Content Management System for building business websites and can give your company the digital presence it needs to earn client’s confidence or make sales. The easiest way to get starting building a Joomla website for your business is to download a clean, modern business template from a trusted Joomla template developer. These top 10 Joomla templates for businesses websites can get your new business off the ground in under an hour.

1. Belton

Belton is a premium business template for the Joomla CMS that contains tons of extra features for your website. This template is built on the Bootstrap 4 framework and is fully responsive. The template download package also contains over 600 Google fonts, 49 add-ons for added functionality, and best of all; a drag-and-drop page builder to make building your first Joomla website a cinch.

2. JSN Boot

Large and small businesses alike will appreciate the simplicity behind JSN Boot’s design. This business-themed Joomla template has a clean top menu with sub-menu options, a featured content area which would make a great home for an image slider, and tidy footer area for your contact info and copyright information. This is a free template and can give your website a unique and professional appearance in just minutes.

3. White Label

White Label has all the bells and whistles your business may want packed into a clean and responsive white-space heavy design. This Joomla business template has over 125 page layout options so you can easily set your website apart from others even if they are using the same template. This premium template costs $69 without an Envato Market membership and includes 4000 icons and tons of documentation to make your design tasks easier.

4. Joomla Business Template

This free Joomla template is perfect for new online businesses and portfolios. You can setup this lightweight template in just minutes and swap the included stock photos for your own graphics to customize your website with little effort. The Joomla Business Template has nice symmetry and simplicity in design so your customers and visitors can find the information or products they’re looking for in just seconds. To help this fast-loading template load at lightening speed make sure to get Joomla hosting with good bandwidth and connection speeds. Your visitors will likely never see a loading bar on your website with this template.

5. JSN Blank 2

If you’re looking for a business template that you can customize heavily and make your own, then JSN Blank 2 is right for you. This template would serve as the perfect framework for any business website, especially if you’re interested in downloading a template just for basic site structuring and want to change or customize a lot of the design features. JSN Blank 2 has a 2-column layout by default but can be modified for 3 column websites.

6. Dentistry

Even if your business isn’t related to dentistry, your new business website would look great with this niche-themed template. Simply sign up for Joomla hosting with a reputable web host and install Joomla with this template to begin drawing customers into your unique business. Dentistry has a green color scheme by default that would work well for any tech, health, eco-focused, or tourism-based business.

7. Denali

Denali is an impressive business theme from RocketTheme, built on the company’s famous Gantry 5 framework. This robust business theme contains image carousels, responsive layout options, image grids, and even pricing tables to get your business off the ground instantly. This is one of the most professional and well-constructed business templates for Joomla on the market today. To acquire this premium theme you’ll need a membership at RocketTheme, memberships currently start at $59.

8. JSN Glass 2

Much like the JSN Boot, this template is great for those looking to customize the frontend of their website. JSN Glass 2 is a bit more modern and spruced-up, whereas JSN Boot is focused on minimalist and fast-loading times. With upgraded pre-built pages, flat icons, and 800 Google fonts this template can help get your website up and running in an hour. JSN Glass 2 even includes store options so you can list inventory on your own website.

9. JA Law Firm

This JA Law Firm template for businesses using Joomla is versatile and super-professional, serving as an excellent base for any corporate website. This template also works well as a landing page with its three featured content boxes and usage of shadow boxes to draw attention where you want it most. This template is feature-rich and well designed. Make sure to get fast Joomla hosting to accompany this template for an optimized website that looks great on any screen.

10. JSN Ultranet

JoomlaShine’s JSN Ultranet is the perfect template for any new online business with more than one owner or employee. This template allows you to build a public website that can be logged into by members of your company. This helps keep everything in one area and give your employees or co-administrators a place to find company information like HR papers or job expectations. This is also a great template for blog-based businesses with multiple authors.

These impressive Joomla templates for businesses will make your life much easier when you create a new digital presence for your company. Starting out with any of these 10 stunning templates will give your website the structure and functionality it needs with a clean and modern look and feel. Try one of the more niche-based templates listed here if you want a quick start or go for one of the more advanced and customizable templates if you don’t mind spending a few extra hours making your website look exactly the way you want it.

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