6 Toy And Game Web Templates We Recommend

Finding the right web templates for your sites can be tedious and time consuming but once in a while we run across a few good templates that we can’t help but share. These six templates, while they are intended for toys and games would also make ideal game website templates.

Gaming web templates

These six web templates are not only clean but they are easy to install and utilize and each of the six has three or four styles depending upon which you choose. Pricing on each of the templates varies from $120 to $180 which, agreed, is a little steep, but each site template is also optimized for mobile use which doubles your sites utility. What do we really like about these designs though? They’re clean! Forget the flash designs, forget the complex introductions and video splash pages…we want clean cut, easy to navigate and mobile optimized.

So why should you use a clean website design? Particularly when you have an e-commerce site we recommend using clean lines and simple designs like these designs because they are uncomplicated. When a consumer comes to your site they are looking for a particular product and as the website owner it is your job to make it easy for them to find that product. Additionally, you should always take in to consideration that websites that utilize “countdowns”, splash pages and flash videos are putting an additional obstacle between your consumer and the product that they are searching for. As a vendor you want to make the purchase process as easy as possible for customers and that means easy to find and providing immediate gratification.

Don’t make your customers search for what they want!

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